Capture your buyers "Instantly" as they sit in front of your listing. Never lose a prospective buyer again

Why this software will help sell your listings

The top 4 reasons you want this for all your listings

* In today's mobile friendly world you need to provide instant access to information.

* Every second your buyer wastes trying to find the information they want, means less chance they will even continue to search for it.

* You need to make this process fast and easy and this software does just that for each of your listing.

* Your prospective buyer gets instant access to your listing information. Even better, they get instant access to you.

No more searching your regular website or your brokerage site for your specific listing information.

* Everything is right at their fingertips.

* Once they read it they can instantly contact you and you have a new "Hot" buyer ready to view your listing.

  • Captive Audience

    This software shows only your property information. No other listings or competitors listings. The Buyers only see your listing details

  • Instant COntact with you

    Your "Hot" buyer can reach you instantly by phone, email or text with a simple click of a button. Plus you can add your Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In Accounts

  • Instant Listing Information

    Your buyers can type in one easy website address and instantly they have all the details of that property and instant access to you to ask questions

  • Full Information on you

    You can direct the buyer to your personal website or any of your Social media sites. They don't have to go to or your brokerage website. Direct them only to your personal site. No chance to lose them to another listing that may catch thier eye.

Why Is A Mobile Website So Important?

Considering that half of all Internet searches for local products and services are performed on a mobile device, if your website does not load properly or makes it difficult for people to find what they are looking for, not only is your reputation on the line, you are also potentially losing hundreds of customers.
Don’t Get Left Behind

50% of people will use a website less often if it isn’t mobile friendly. Use our app to ensure users return to your site by providing them with a TRUE mobile friendly experience.

Be Smartphone Friendly

64% of mobile traffic is used by smartphones alone. If your site doesn’t provide mobile users a format that’s friendly to their device, you are potentially losing hundreds of customers.

Cater to the Sofa Surfer

98% of users surf the web from their phone while at home; a large percentage do so from the comfort of their sofa. Studies show these people are more likely to take action after surfing.

Happy Clients = Referrals

57% of users globally say they won’t recommend a site with a poorly designed mobile experience. And many will even turn to competitors site after a bad experience.

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We have 3 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.
  • Single Listing $59.95
  • Reuseable Sign Hanger $25.00
  • Optional Installation available $25.00 per sign
Discount Pricing
  • 2-5 Listings $49.95 per listing
  • 6 -10 Listings $39.95 per listing
  • 11 -20 Listings $34.95 each listing
  • 21 listings or more $29.95 per listing
  • You need to buy one sign for each listing you have. It can then be re-used for future listings. The one time sign cost is $25.00 per sign
  • Optional sign installation cost $25.00 per sign
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Optional Pricing
  • Refer 1 mortgage lead to Verico Maximum Mortgages Inc. If that turns into a pre-approval you get one FREE listing (Your only cost is the reuseable sign $25.00)
  • If the mortgage funds with us you will receive 2 credits for 2 more free listings (Your only cost is the reuseable sign $25.00 each)
  • You can get your listing for free just for doing business with us at Verico Maximum Mortgages Inc.
  • Call us at 403-605-5711 for more details and to set up your account
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